A bullying and mental health novel for young adults.


By Katie Kuperman

And feel good about the fact that part of all book sale proceeds go to the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

The gripping tale of a bully, a victim and a bystander whose lives will never be the same.


My name is Katie Kuperman and I am an author, copywriter, entrepreneur and mother based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not only is writing my passion, but also my career in which I own and operate a copywriting and strategizing business, Striking Content. My deepest cares in this world revolve around positivity, living an authentic life, being kind and grateful, and solid communication. It is my hope and my dream that by writing with purpose and intent, I can make my readers feel, learn and do.

Bullying and mental health struggles are very real issues in our world. I felt compelled to write a story on these subjects, and it’s rooted in a positive message I want everyone to hear. So, now I’m on a mission to spread it.

“Any change in its entirety may be more complex,
but the start of it is simple: we need to talk.”



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The Only Way Out

When best friends Kaitlyn and Rebecca begin their first year of high school together, excitement quickly turns to danger. Rebecca finds herself the victim of a physical and cyber bully. Concerned for her safety, Kaitlyn is determined to report the incidents…until she speaks to Rebecca. Much to her surprise, Kaitlyn finds herself on the receiving end of stern and convincing requests to remain silent. Although at first reluctant, Kaitlyn becomes a bystander. Months pass and without reason to assume otherwise, Kaitlyn is confident their troubles are over. But when tragedy strikes, Rebecca’s darkest secrets are revealed and Kaitlyn is consumed by the pain of her silence and her hesitancy to take action. Amidst serious emotional and mental repercussions, Kaitlyn must extract herself from the depths of her negative state to somehow make good fortune out of misfortune.

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I stood there and watched. It was horrible. They beat her right there in the schoolyard. Utterly ashamed yet too much of a coward to make a move, I hid behind the trunk of our school’s oldest tree. Fear paralyzed me. As I watched this ghastly incident take place right before my eyes, I desperately wondered how we got here. How had our lives come to this? There I was, hiding, weak and petrified. And there was my dearest Rebecca, lying, still and lifeless.

“Don’t forget your lunch!” Mom screeched. My goodness was she ever nervous. Her voice always echoed the same high-pitched tone whenever she was anxious about something. “I won’t,” I replied, trying to keep my voice calm so she wouldn’t sense my own strong sentiment of anticipation. That would only make matters worse. I smiled at her as she continued to bustle about all around me. It was a big day! Her “little girl” (although I despised the thought of that expression since I was a whopping fourteen now) was growing up – much too fast if you asked her.

When I first rolled out of bed, I knew they were there but I did my best to ignore them – now, the butterflies invading my stomach fluttered about so fast it felt as though thousands of small winged animals were going to escape right through my skin at any moment. I couldn’t possibly disregard them any longer. Trying to control myself, I thought back to what I was taught during a sports psychology session in gymnastics…


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by Katie Kuperman

I knew I wanted to write a book. “About what?” was the question. Until I came across Amanda Todd’s video on the news many years ago. Her story, which she labelled as one of struggle, bullying, suicide and self-harm, is what compelled me to put pen to paper in my creation of what has become a novel with a message.

When it came time for me to put my book into print, I was overwhelmed with a strong desire to dedicate the book to Amanda. Already aware of the fact that Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd, is a strong advocate and well-known voice in the antibullying space, after a little digging, I managed to connect with her. To my delight, Carol consented, and The Only Way Out is now dedicated to my two children and Amanda Todd, providing me with a tremendous amount of added meaning and purpose.

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A portion of all book proceeds are donated.


Part of the proceeds from every sale of The Only Way Out go to the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.

Founded by Carol Todd, this nonprofit organization helps those in need in a direct and impactful way.

From providing private counseling to bullied youth who suffer from anxiety and damaged self-esteem, right through to funding for family food insecurities and youth mental health programs, the Amanda Todd Legacy Society is committed to “the dream of helping kids” (words of Amanda Todd, before she left our world in 2012).

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The Only Way Out